Valentine’s day : a romantic escape in Buenos Aires - Faena Hotel  - 13/02/13 - Amérique du Sud

>13 février 2013

>Paule Elliott


Valentine’s day : A romantic escape in Buenos Aires,  Faena Hotel



Dans le même esprit d’hospitalité, nos établissements proposent à nos clients l’opportunité unique de profiter d’espaces transcendants de beauté.

Entre extravagance et créativité le luxe tranquille est là pour vous aider à vous ressourcer.

Chacune de nos destinations a sa propre identité et raconte son histoire.

Sophistiqués, accueillants, personnalisés, nos hôtels et resorts sont les ambassadeurs du bien-être dans un environnement de modernité et de service attentif et personnalisé.  Bienvenue chez Faena !


In that same spirit of hospitality, our collection of hotels & resorts offers every guest the opportunity to experience spaces of overwhelming beauty. Here extravagance, creativity and informal luxury reign supreme, and enhance their positive energies and general wellbeing, before setting off on their journey again, just like those travellers from ancient times. Each of our destinations has a unique, individual essence, having been hand-picked for their historical significance and their links with the original community. We want our guests to discover the magic of each of them through their history, their food, their architecture and their traditions. Sophisticated, welcoming, and profoundly personal, our hotels and resorts are authentic embassies of integral wellbeing, combining the most modern facilities with standout accommodation and service. In every one of them fantasies, passions and enigmatic pleasures await today’s great travellers.



Accommodation with breakfast in the privacy of your room

- Champagne and chocolates amenities upon arrival
- Lover´s bath at the Spa, including a simultaneous massage for two guests
- Romantic dinner at El Bistro gourmet restaurant
- Access to the only Leading Spa in Buenos Aires, which includes Hammam, Sauna and Fitness Center
- Swimming pool, poolside bar & lounge, outdoor restaurant, and more!


Valid from January 3rd to April 24th 2013
US$ 689+VAT (21%)* / EXECUTIVE US$ 769+VAT (21%)*


Valid from April 25th to December 24th2013
PREMIUM US$ 589+VAT (21%)* / EXECUTIVE US$ 669+VAT (21%)*

*Minimum 2 nights stay required

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T +54 11 4010 9070


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